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Terms & Conditions of Service

These ‘Terms & Conditions’ govern the business policies of Ether Studio, a Sole Proprietorship firm having its registered office at 1st Floor, R-5-1, C-32/4, Vidyapeeth Road, Varanasi 221002, Uttar Pradesh, India and being represented by Mr. Ashish Verma.

(hereinafter referred to as “Ether”)

(hereinafter “client” refers to a person or organization using the professional services of Ether)

  1. These Terms & Conditions of Service are subject to change without any prior notice.
  2. All our current and prospective clients are expected to meet and coordinate with one of our sales representatives. Our sales representatives are well trained to understand our clients’ requirements and pass them on to the creative team. Due to the nature of our work a meeting with our creative team is only possible at our studio. A meeting outside of our studio can be arranged upon special request. To request a meeting an Expression of Interest in Meeting shall be made in oral or in writing, which will then be reviewed by the creative team, and only upon its sole discretion will the meeting request be accepted. This meeting will be chargeable with a visit fee of INR 2,500 per visit for visits within a radius of up to 5 kms from our studio, and INR 5,000 for visits made within a radius of 5 kms – 10 kms from our studio. Visits beyond the radius of 10 kms will be chargeable at a flat rate of INR 15,000 per visit. This rule is applicable for clients based in Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh only. Client visits of our creative team in the rest of India are free of charge, which will nevertheless stand liable to the discretion of our creative team.
  3. Charges for printing & installation (print media); website development, web domain & web hosting services (web media); and any such or other overheads in any media will cost extra which will entirely depend upon Ether’s third-party agents and at no point shall Ether and/or any of its personnel be responsible or liable to anyone in any manner whatsoever for any third-party services being arranged by Ether for its client’s convenience. Ideally it is the duty of the client to collect the final artwork from Ether and process it further. Nevertheless, third-party services may be provided out of a gesture of courtesy and/or the client’s convenience upon sole discretion of Ether.
  4. The cost of any images, illustrations, etc. (together referred to here as the “contents”) required to be used in the project must be borne by the client. The client can either provide Ether with the contents of their choice to be used in the project or can seek Ether’s professional service to get it arranged. These contents, however, will continue to be governed by the ‘terms & conditions’, ‘usage policies’, ‘copyrights’ and such as per instructed by the provider of such contents on their website, etc.
  5. For all design services up to 2 revisions, if at all required, are offered. Nevertheless, the client will make sure to pass on their exact requirements and expectations to Ether in as little dialogues as possible, not exceeding 3 in total. Any revisions requested beyond the scope of the initial 2 will be chargeable at the rate of INR 500 per request.
  6. Duration for completion of the project must be mutually agreed upon between the client and Ether before its commencement.
  7. 50% of the payment must be made in advance (before commencement of the project); the remaining amount must be paid upon completion of the project (before final delivery).
  8. Payments are accepted via Cash, Cheque, Direct Debit and PayPal. All payments have to be made in favor of “Ether Studio”. Cash payments must not be made to anyone unless if otherwise authorized in writing by “the Ether management”. Any losses occuring due to such unauthorized payments made shall be the sole responsibility of the payer. Ether and Ashish Verma shall not be held liable in any manner whatsoever in case of misdemeanor, and the client will still need to make the payment in full in order to receive the final delivery of the project.
  9. Taxes may be levied as applicable.
  10. No waiver shall be deemed unless the same is given in writing. No waiver shall act as a subsequent waiver.
  11. Any disputes arising out of these ‘Terms & Conditions’ shall be subject exclusively to the Jurisdiction of the courts of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India only.
  12. Ether remains open for business from Monday through Thursday between 10:30 AM – 3:30 PM IST. Any request to work beyond our business hours will stand void in general. In case of critically urgent requirements Ether shall consider rendering its services in non-business hours at a cost of INR 5,000 per hour over and above the cost of the project.
  13. Ether remains closed on selected religious and all national holidays.

Captive Audience Advertising (CAA)

Ether’s Captive Audience Advertising service shall be governed by the above mentioned ‘Terms & Conditions’ wherever applicable in addition to the following Terms & Conditions specific to it:

  1. Cost of “creation of content” and cost of “running” are separate.
  2. All payments must be made 100% in advance.
  3. We assure 90% uptime of our screens.
  4. Each content is played once every 20 minutes or lesser.
  5. Audio/Video output quality may vary depending on the outlet.
  6. The working of our CAA screens entirely depends upon the working hours/days of individual outlets.
  7. It is the duty of the advertiser to ensure that all advertisements intended to be run on our CAA screens are certified as per the laws of the Republic of India. Ether reserves the right to deny the running of any advertisement that does not comply with the same. This also includes the advertisements created by Ether.
  8. Ether management reserves the right and has the final authority to accept or deny the running of any content or advertisement in any form without requiring to give any explanation thereof.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Ether’s Search Engine Optimisation service shall be governed by the above mentioned ‘Terms & Conditions’ wherever applicable in addition to the following Terms & Conditions specific to it:

Price advertised is an indicative price only. Every website is different in its own right. Hence, the actual pricing for your website could differ from the advertised price. It could be on the lower side, or the higher side. We cannot make any promises unless we study your website. You will be provided with a final quote after we have studied your website and depending on the amount of time and effort required to be invested in your website. Some websites may require only minor changes, while some others may require a total makeover.

  1. Price advertised is for each unique URL/website (for instance, is different from is different from We will treat each unique URL/website separately and will quote you for the same accordingly.
  2. We assume Google as our benchmark and follow their Webmaster Guidelines.
  3. We do not guarantee #1 ranking on any search engine (no fallacies). Even Google cannot do that.
  4. One time URL/website and social media optimisation. We cover the following Social Media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  5. Up to 5 focus keywords/key phrases will be optimized per URL.
  6. Service/technical support for a maximum period of 6 months.
  7. All payments must be made 100% in advance.