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Season's Greetings from Santa Geeko
Santa Geeko wishes all his followers Merry Christmas & Happy...
Threads Of Banaras
"Threads of Banaras" is a short film by Keya Vaswani...
You make a short film on Varanasi, & we'll run...
Over 150,000 People Die on Indian Roads Every Year
More people die in road accidents in India than anywhere...
63% of People Report that Advertising on Digital Signage Catches their Attention
Advertise with us - Attract your target audience - Increase...
Studies Show that Effective Advertising Increases Sales by Over 39%
Advertise with us - Get recognized by your target audience...
Bursting Ether Filler
Introducing HOLLYWOOD style fillers. Ether bursts in space! Check it...
Benares - An Ancient, Mystical City - With A Twist
Captive Audience Advertising Teaser | 30 sec.
Ghostly Ether Filler
Introducing HOLLYWOOD style fillers. This is a spooky one! Check...
Prof. Geeko The Counsel
Prof. Geeko Counseling about COMS.

What are we good at?

  • Branding 100%
  • Design 100%
  • Animation 80%
  • Photography 90%
  • Content 100%