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Photography by Ashish Verma | Candid & Professional.

Here is a small portfolio of my photography stints spanning across professional projects, my personal travels and getting started with building a stock photography portfolio since December 2020.

Ashish Verma’s personal Instagram account: Organicanalogy

Product Photography

A dummy project to show what we can do for you. Shot with a tripod in controlled (studio) lighting environment.

Subject: A wooden camera model

Food & Beverages

Shot using a tripod in natural lighting with a make-shift secondary light source.

People & Events

Shot handheld in dynamically ever-changing situations.


Shot handheld.


Shot handheld in varied situations.


Shot using a tripod.


Shot using a tripod with a couple of regular lamps as primary and secondary light sources.

Here’s a curious thought: Choice of lighting sources, etc. are influenced by the overall project budget.